The Attributes of a Great Personal Trainer

The Attributes of a Great Personal Trainer

It is essential that before hiring a personal trainer, that a client does due diligence. This is because a personal trainer is not only a person who you pay to render service to you but rather a person who takes care of your health too. I have compiled a list of six attributes that you should check out in order to identify a great personal trainer.


Empathy refers to the trait of identifying with another person’s situation because you have an idea what they are going through. A great personal trainer should treat their client in a polite manner and empathize with their current situation. The tendency by fit people to look down upon unfit because they simply can’t understand why they seem to be unable to put extra effort to better their current situations.



While all other attributes of a great personal trainer are important in their own right, it ultimately all boils down to your ability to trust and get along well with your personal trainer. A great personal trainer should have the ability to adjust well to a client’s personality type and able to advise a client according to a client’s individuals learning style.


All personal trainers are involved in giving instructions to clients, following up and giving the required motivation to their clients. This requires a trainer to know where the client is coming from and where they aspire to go. It will, therefore, require a trainer to frequently ask the client questions, educate their client accordingly, avoid the use of complex scientific terminology that is not understood by the client and finally, a personal trainer needs to be a good listener more than a good talker. you really want to avoid being ripped off 


While it is possible that you don’t need to be fit to become a great personal trainer, a good personal trainer is one that does not preach water and drink wine but rather one who is fit themselves. A fit personal trainer shows that they are passionate about what they do, dedicated, and determined, which goes a long way in making clients more confident in what they teach and take them seriously.


A great personal trainer ought to prove to their client that they have the required certification from a recognized institution. This instills confidence in the client and proves that the trainer is up to date with the current trends in the industry and will give a great value for money spent. Proof of continuing education can also be an added advantage and shows that the trainer is actively seeking more knowledge in what they do.


While a great personal trainer needs not have a minimum number of years of experience they should possess just enough to bring you a wealth of experience in your program. A personal trainer with experience is sure to prescribe a program that he has tried out on other clients and seen it work out well. (But of course with variations because no two bodies respond to training in the same way.)

Being a personal trainer or coach involves making the decision to help someone else in their journey of better wellness, fitness and health. Such a decision alone is not adequate to make one a great personal trainer, but rather the above attributes as well as others not listed are very important. It is therefore essential for clients to be keen in checking out the above traits in all order to identify a great personal trainer.